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Caterlink Christmas Closure: We will close from 1 pm on Friday, 22nd December 2023, and we will reopen on Monday, 8th January 2024.
Caterlink Christmas Closure: We will close from 1 pm on Friday, 22nd December 2023, and we will reopen on Monday, 8th January 2024.

Green Kitchens

Caterlink is proud to announce we are Australia’s first Carbon Neutral accredited commercial kitchen supplier, contractor and designer! This certification is the culmination of our passion for supplying and developing products and services that substantially minimise the environmental impact of the hospitality sector.

All our strategic and operational decisions are made with an environmental focus. This commitment manifests in many forms during our continual search for and investment in new ways to conserve our beautiful world.

Australia's First Carbon Neutral Commercial Kitchen Supplier

Investing in sustainability

Business Investments

Caterlink has taken tangible steps to directly reduce the environmental impacts of our business operations.

An ongoing stream of projects have and are being enacted to reduce the carbon footprint of Caterlink’s main office and business operations site. This includes both direct energy and waste impacts and establishing team awareness in the importance of managing our relationships with nature.

Caterlink Onsite Solar Electricity Generation

Green Energy

An extensive solar installation for our office and warehouse facility has allowed us to reduce our overall business usage of fossil fuel sourced power. As a result, we generate an average 61,000 kWh per year.

Packaging Recycling & Minimisation

Stations have been established throughout our premises to allow recyclable packaging and materials to be conveniently separated from other waste, reducing the amount sent to landfill. Ample facilities are allotted to encourage home-prepared food and lower the need for products with single-use or unrecyclable packaging.

Social Investments

Maintaining our environment and ensuring sustainable resource use is a joint responsibility of all society. We see Caterlink’s role as including the most environmentally friendly options in our products and services, encouraging and facilitating our clients and business partners to make eco-conscious choices, and supporting the development of new products and initiatives that improve our ability to do so.


Biodiversity and Environmental Restoration

As part of the SKOPE 2021 Go Green Campaign promoting their eco-friendly Reflex and ActiveCore ranges, Caterlink matched every tree donation from SKOPE by FIVE. In total the campaign funded 1425 trees for Carbon Neutral’s Plant-a-Tree Conservation Program!

This project is developed to restore natural habitats on degraded farmland in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor – one of only 36 global biodiversity hotspots. Small patches of remaining vegetation will be reconnected to create a 200km corridor from inland to the coast.

These trees are protected for 100 years by a carbon covenant and carbon right registered with the state government on the land title. We were proud to have contributed to this critical work sustaining Australia’s unique and fragile wildlife.

Thanks to everyone who supported the promotion and chose SKOPE eco-friendly refrigeration.

Kitchen Garden

Our latest green awareness goal is the establishment of a kitchen garden on currently unused space, permitting re-purposing of our organic waste. We look forward to proudly displaying the literal fruits of our labour!

Eco-Friendly Hospitality Equipment

Caterlink is keen to stock and supply products through all our ranges that outperform the market at minimising environmental impact. Hospitality businesses are among the highest users per square meter of energy and waste services, but many are unaware that green alternatives either exist or are in development to reduce these burdens.

Through knowledgeable hospitality operations design the emissions, energy and water costs of a business can be substantially reduced. Our commercial and restaurant kitchen design service can integrate emission and energy reduction into hospitality operations at the foundation level.

Greener Commercial Dishwashers

Environmental Statement

All our strategic and operational decisions are made with an environmental focus. All our power is generated through solar, we invest in new cooking technology that minimises reliance on gas and develop stakeholder relationships with likeminded people and businesses.