2 Best Energy Saving Chillers to Combat Crippling Energy Bill Increases

The verdict is in; energy bills are set to keep rising. Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Australia, describes it as “the biggest business crisis I’ve seen in my lifetime.” 

With hikes of up to 120 per cent, the rising cost of energy presents a real challenge for business and restaurant owners. For those of us operating commercial kitchens, it’s time to re-evaluate the efficiency and productivity of existing commercial kitchen equipment. 

At Caterlink, we stock an extensive range of energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment to minimise your overall energy costs. With a variety of energy saving chillers, we can help you lower your expenses without sacrificing on quality. 

What Energy Saving Chillers Can Do For You 

Energy efficient chillers are guaranteed to save you money when it comes to your energy bills. 

You might also find that when you replace your existing chillers with energy efficient alternatives, you save more than just energy. Modern chillers, often incorporating energy efficient technology, also provide you with a range of added features and enhanced reliability. 

Minimise stress in the kitchen by knowing that your chillers are both saving you money and saving your team headaches. 

How to Minimise Soaring Energy Bills 

As business owners, there’s little we can do to change rising energy costs. Our best bet is to prepare and protect our livelihood by changing the way we think about commercial kitchen equipment. 

By investing in energy efficient chillers and equipment, we can quickly minimise energy bills soaring to unmanageable heights. 

There is hope - and it’s investing in energy efficient equipment that supports your productivity. 

Why Invest in Energy Saving Chillers? 

So, you’ve had your chillers for a while and they seem to get the job done. But, are they actually energy efficient and do they provide you with added benefits to make operations easier? 

For restaurant owners and management, replacing chillers with new and sometimes unfamiliar alternatives can be daunting. With a number of benefits that extend beyond your lower energy bill, energy efficient chillers are simply an investment in your commercial kitchen’s future. 

Unlike traditional chillers, energy saving chillers minimise maintenance costs both in the short and long term with less stress on power and parts. 

Featuring engineering and technological advancements, energy efficient chillers also provide your team with new opportunities for enhanced productivity and storage solutions. 

Learn more about how energy saving chillers can impact your overall operations. 

Energy Saving Chillers at Affordable Prices 

Discover Caterlink’s top recommendations for lowering your energy costs without sacrificing performance. 

Skope TME 1000 - A Vertical Chiller 

  • Uses 50% less energy than previous TME1000 model, saving $572 per year (based on 30 cents per kW, calculated using 4.55kWh/24h (TEC) no illuminated sign panel)
  • Dependable, reliable and gives you excellent value for money
  • Standard SKOPE Cyclone refrigeration system
  • Self closing doors with new surface technology performs to double Low-E, argon filled, toughened safety glass
  • Consistent temperatures maintained by fan-forced ducted airflow 

Register your chiller online for an additional 3 years on top of your 2 year warranty protection - that’s 5 years of warranty protection in total. 

Product Features: 

  • Model: TME1000-A
  • Integral/Remote: Integral
  • Chiller/Freezer: Chiller
  • Gross Volume: 980 litres
  • Total Shelf Area: 2.86 m2 (including floor)
  • Floor Area: 0.791 m2
  • Operating Temperature: +1°C to +4°C in 40°C ambient
  • Electrical: 240V, 10 Amp, 1 phase  

View the Skope TME 100 Chiller online to find out how it could work in your commercial kitchen.


Skope BME 1200 – A Vertical Chiller 

  • New glass door chiller combining Skope's revolutionary new ActiveCore technology with a modern frameless aesthetic design
  • Significant energy savings
  • Uses 35% less energy than the previous B1200G-2 model, saving more than $266 per year
  • Energy efficient LED lights
  • Fully removable electronic controlled cassette
  • EMS controller with fuzzy logic
  • Self closing doors with new surface technology performs to double Low-E, argon filled, toughened safety glass 

Product Features: 

  • Model: BME1200-A
  • Integral/Remote: Integral
  • Chiller/Freezer: Chiller
  • Gross Volume: 1079 litres
  • Total Shelf Area: 3.00m²
  • Floor Area: 1.08m² (including 50mm stand-off)
  • Operating Temperature: +1ºC to +4ºC in 43ºC ambient
  • Electrical: 240V, 10 Amp, 1 phase 

Discover the Skope BME 1200 Chiller in our online store


Keep Your Energy Costs Low with Caterlink 

Don’t be one of many crippling under rising energy costs - act now to invest in equipment that saves you in the long run. Choose a high quality energy saving chiller that provides you with enhanced functionality without the added costs. 

At Caterlink, we pride ourselves on supplying a variety of energy efficient commercial kitchen equipment to restaurants, bars, cafes and caterers across Perth. With a huge range of over 2400 trusted brands and products, we’re able to help you save on your energy bills now and in the long term. 

With over thirty years in the industry, Caterlink has established itself as one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen contractors. Come visit our showroom or take a look at our extensive product range available online.  Contact us here and let us know how we can help you today.