3 Pieces Of Commercial Countertop Equipment That Can Save Space & Add Value to Your Kitchen

When you are setting up your commercial kitchen for your catering or hospitality business, maximising the space you have available is of paramount importance.  You need to ensure that you arrange your commercial kitchen equipment so that your staff can quickly and easily prepare your food items. 

There are many reasons why countertop appliances can offer the best solution your business.  It’s not just that they take up less space and require a smaller financial investment, making them more economical. 

You can choose from a vast selection including countertop griddles, deep fryers, and induction cookers. 

Save space in your commercial kitchen with these quality countertop equipment solutions: 

Countertop Griddles 

Also known as a hot plate, a standalone countertop griddle is a great investment for your small kitchen. 

It can sit on your countertop, an equipment stand, or a chef’s base, and be easily moved as long as it has adequate ventilation and power.  They have four sturdy legs for easy cleaning and mobility.  In addition, having front-facing thermostats gives you independent control of the left and right side of the plate. 

When you are frying foods, this griddle can give you heat recovery on the 8mm heat-retaining hot plate needed to quickly and professionally prepare your food items.  You can easily and precisely cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, steaks or hamburgers on the thermostatically-controlled plates. 

This popular 400mm compact griddle is finished in brushed stainless steel: 

Roband G400 Countertop Griddle 

Roband G Series 400mm Compact Countertop Griddle. Finished in Brushed Stainless Steel (10A) 

Product Features:

  • 8mm thick steel plate for superior heat retention
  • Compact and perfect for small outlets
  • Thermostatic control for precise cooking temperature
  • Compacted cooking plate elements with superior clamping for fast temperature recovery and reliable temperature control
  • Forward positioned grease gutter and integrated, side positioned grease collection box which securely holds hot waste grease and is easily removable for cleaning

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Commercial Deep Fryers

 If your hospitality or catering business is looking to provide great food options quickly, then we recommend equipping your kitchen with a commercial deep fryer. 

These handy appliances offer high efficiency with their ability to regulate temperature for an indefinite amount of time.  They offer precise thermostatic control, excellent safety features and are easy to clean with their stainless-steel construction and stainless-steel pans.  

Commercial deep fryers offer a range of cooking options, such as a single basket, or two baskets to stagger your cooking times or cook two different items at once. 

You can choose from electric or gas options, as well as countertop or freestanding, depending on your needs. Some models even come equipped with oil filtration,  which can save you up to 50% of oil costs. 

Consider this compact, electric commercial deep fryer for your countertop, with two cooking baskets: 


Countertop - Roband F25 Double Pan Deep Fryer

Roband F Series Twin Pan Countertop Electric Deep Fryer with 2 x 5Lt Tanks. Production Rated at 13kg/hr (2x10A)

Product Features:

  • Double pan fryer for increased versatility or increased production capacity in busy periods
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precise thermostat control
  • Swing back element
  • Maximum and minimum oil level markers
  • Isolating switch
  • Insulated basket handle
  • Element guard and capillary protection
  • Safety over-temp cut-out
  • Easily removable tanks


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 Or if a freestanding gas deep fryer is a better option for your kitchen space: 


Freestanding - Fastfri FF18 400mm Economy Natural Gas Fryer   

Fastfri 400mm Series 18lt 2 Basket Gas Deep Fryer with S/S Open Pan. Production Rate at 25Kg/hr. (Nat Gas)


Product Features:

  • 400mm wide single pan fryer
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 90MJ multi-jet target burner
  • 25kg/hr production rate
  • Stainless steel open pan (no tubes)
  • 30mm drain valve
  • 18 litre oil capacity
  • Mechanical thermostat 100-190°C
  • Manual pilot ignition
  • Baskets and lid included
  • Adjustable feet
  • Natural gas

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Induction Cookers 

If your busy hospitality or catering business is looking for a safer, fast and energy-efficient way of cooking, then an induction cooker will become your new best friend. 

You will need induction-compatible cookware to take advantage of this magnetic coil cooking technology. The cookware must be made of a magnetic-based material, such as cast iron or magnetic stainless steel.  

You can choose between casserole pots, chef pans, French ovens, saucepans, pots and frypans to use as compatible cookware with induction cookers.  Just make sure you check the manufacturer details to ensure it is induction-friendly. 

When using [CK4] an Induction Cooker, the food is cooked faster and less heat is lost in the cooking process.  Whether you are serving soups or sauces, once you start using induction you will wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Consider this high-quality, space-saving induction cooktop option: 

Anvil ICK3500 Induction Cooktop  

Product Features:

  • Cooking circle: 250mm
  • Temp. range: 60 – 240°C
  • Electronic overheat protection
  • Suitable for any magnetic cooking pots
  • Instant heat saves power during quiet periods
  • Timer, LED Display 0-180 mins


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