7 Advantages of Skope Refrigeration in a Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to setting up your commercial kitchen, invest in the best refrigeration. From storing ingredients and temperature sensitive items to keeping your prepared foods fresh while maintaining taste and nutritional value, a high quality fridge is a chef’s best friend.

Trusted by leading hospitality professionals and new business owners alike, Skope designs and manufactures high quality refrigeration equipment. With a global reputation for reliability, consistency and durability, Skope’s fridges are in high demand.

Providing a wide range of refrigeration solutions to suit all commercial kitchens, ensure your next fridge from Caterlink is a Skope.  

Leaders in Commercial Kitchen Equipment

From small beginnings in New Zealand 45 years ago to becoming a recognised global name, Skope’s commitment to quality has always remained. Here are our top seven reasons to invest in a Skope fridge.

  • Proven reliability: providing chefs and kitchen staff with confidence through consistent performance and function

  • Aesthetic design: designed with aesthetics in mind to fit seamlessly into any kitchen’s style

  • Quality performance: engineered specifically for functionality and performance in a commercial setting

  • Energy efficiency: incorporating energy saving technologies to keep your overall costs low without diminishing quality

  • ActiveCore range: unique range boasting ActiveCore technology to transform the way you use refrigeration

  • Cutting edge performance: reliable, consistent performance that keeps up with the demands of your kitchen

  • Global reputation: trusted by chefs, hospitality professionals and kitchen staff from across the world

Affordable Skope Fridges at Caterlink

Skope Centaur Series 2 Glass Door, 275Lt Undercounter Chiller  

An ideal undercounter refrigeration solution for busy commercial kitchens, Skope’s Centaur Series 2 Glass Door, 275Lt Undercounter Chillerprovides you with reliability and functionality regardless of the size of your space. With glass doors, you can directly see what’s inside for quick reference and convenience.

  • Sleek glass door finish

  • Simple digital display

  • Indirect airflow for even temperature distribution

  • Long life, low noise compressor

  • Gross volume of 275 litres

  • Operating temperature of +1°C to +4°C in 35°C ambient

Skope Centaur Series 2 Solid Doors, 275Lt Undercounter Chiller

A solid door refrigerator, the Skope Centaur Series 2 Solid Doors, 275Lt Undercounter Chilleris the chiller of choice for commercial kitchens, cafes and restaurants of all sizes. Compact and versatile, the chiller slots in conveniently for added ease.

  • Durable stainless steel door finish

  • Easy to read digital display

  • Even temperature distribution

  • Low life, low noise compressor

  • Gross volume of 275 litres

  • Operating temperature of +1°C to +4°C in 35°C ambient

High Quality Refrigeration for Your Commercial Kitchen

Every chef and business owner knows that success is born in the kitchen. Invest in high quality commercial kitchen equipment, like refrigeration by Skope, to provide your team with the reliability and consistency to produce outstanding results.

With over thirty years in the industry, Caterlink has established itself as one of Australia’s leading commercial kitchen contractors. Come visit our showroom or take a look at our extensive product range available online. Contact us here and let us know how we can help you today.