Bright Tank Brewery

The Future is Bright for Perth’s Newest Micro-Brewery

The Bright Tank Brewing Co. restaurant, bar and brewery‒ Caterlink’s latest commercial kitchen and bar fit-out

If you are partial to a well-crafted beer and modern Australian cuisine served in a funky urban setting, the Bright Tank Brewing Co. restaurant, bar and brewery is for you. Well set up and comfortable, it is welcoming to all comers and features an open kitchen, bar and brewery for you to witness the process of getting a boutique beer to a glass in front of you and delicious food on your plate. The 100-seater venue, resplendent with an fifteen-metre long table, opened in July 2018.

Perth husband and wife team Gemma Sampson and Matthew Moore have worked towards opening their own small bar for four years and consider East Perth the right place for their venue to be.

The East Perth area had the demographic they were looking for: people from their mid-20s to mid-40s, many of whom are renting (also retirees). Off East Parade, on the route to Claisebrook train station, the brewery could expect clientele walking to or from Optus Stadium as well. After a game, Bright Tank could be a handy stop off along the way to drown one’s sorrows if your team lost‒or celebrate if they won.

Mr Moore, a university-trained brewer, has previously collaborated with established Perth brewers Three Rivers and Homestead, and is a dedicated home brewer. Ms Sampson will act as operations manager.

The couple met up with Des Gibson and Adrian Tobin from Caterlink in April 2017, when the site was an empty shell with concrete floors and exposed wooden beams. The Caterlink design team got the building plan and carefully thought out the layout and design of the kitchen, bar, three cool rooms and freezer. With the brewery on-site, the entire commercial kitchen fit-out had to work within a confined space.

The bond room (where the beer is stored) was essential to the whole operation. It had to have two complete isolated refrigeration units, one redundant or for emergency backup. No preservatives are used in the brewing process so temperature control is critical. Should one unit fail the other would immediately kick in.

They placed the keg room right behind the bar with a direct draw straight to the font to avoid a huge network of pipes. With Bright Tank’s range of house-brewed beers, the shorter the pipes the better the product.

In the Bright Tank kitchen, Caterlink installed a range of Verro cooking equipment including a Verro 600 griddle, Verro 300 char broiler, an 8-open burner with a range oven underneath, and a Verro deep fryer as well as a Waldorf split pan deep fryer and Turbofan combination oven.

A unique piece of equipment Caterlink installed was the Hot Pass, a tiered shelving unit with thermostat that keeps food warm. Chefs cook and plate up the food before placing the plate on a heated shelf until the waitstaff can deliver it. The kitchen was also laid out so that the undercounter fridge tops became workbenches.


The food served at Bright Tank is not your average pub grub. It is modern Australian cuisine using local ingredients‒often with a beer twist‒such as mussels steamed in saison (a sour Belgian beer), or sourdough bread made with grain from the brewing process. Head Chef Jake Gledhill has created a full dining menu featuring share plates and the pairing of craft beer with food. There’s even a beer element to the cocktails, with hops and brown- ale syrup among the ingredients in some mixed drinks. A Beergustation menu will be offered once a month with each course carefully crafted to match a beer.

The idea of 'beergustation' is becoming popular. People are discovering how beer can complement many tastes; not just savoury meals, but desserts and cheese too.

The opening of Bright Tank reflects the growing trend of craft breweries and distilleries in Australia and around the world. In 1983, Perth had one licensed microbrewery (the Sail n Anchor); today there are more than 43 in WA. Clientele don’t like the status quo where the large conglomerates are pushing their brands. They have become more discerning in their taste and micro-breweries like Bright Tank are offering quality alternatives that are a destination in themselves.

Bright Tank Brewing Co. is located at 100 Brown Street, East Perth.

Wed 4pm to 10pm
Thu 12pm to 10pm
Fri 12pm to 12am
Sat 12pm to 12am
Sun 10am to 10pm