Caterlink in the Southwest

About Amelia Park Lodge

Once recognized as Newtown House, and still referred to as such by many locals, Amelia Park Lodge holds great historical significance and cultural heritage to many in the Margaret River community.

Dating back to the early 19th century, it was once home to the Abbey family, diligent farmers and Irish settlers who farmed potatoes and produced dairy on their sprawling 32 hectares of land.  

The three-bedroom farmhouse was built with a foundation of broadwater bricks, later rendered in iron and limestone and designed in Victorian Georgian style, making it one of the few farmhouses of aesthetic and historic significance left in the region. 

In an area that has seen a lot of growth, whether it be fluctuations in land ownership or further popularity attracting an increasing number of tourists for the beauty Margaret River yields, Amelia Park lodge has managed to remain standing. 

Historically and culturally, the farmhouse stands as representation of a lifestyle that remains an integral part of the Margaret River community to this day. 

This rich lifestyle includes farming, farm to table dining and a thriving community that supports and maintains shared values for the land and food it produces to help people lead a healthy and happy life.  

The definition of cultural heritage refers to an inherited legacy passed on from one generation to the next that is maintained in the present and imparted for the benefit of future generations.

Amelia Park Lodge is the definition of cultural heritage; a legacy rooted in over 100 years of history, maintained and now renovated for the benefit of future generations to come!  

How Caterlink Got Involved 

Neal Jackson, once owner and chef extraordinaire at the iconic Jackson’s Restaurant in Highgate, has been good friends with Peter Walsh (owner of Amelia Park Lodge) for quite some time. 

Peter Walsh was a partner in Jackson’s restaurant for nearly 14 years. With a relationship rooted in so many years as successful partners, it came as no surprise that Neal was brought on to the Amelia Park Lodge renovation project. 

Neal then approached our Business Development Manager, Adrian Tobin, to join forces on revamping the Amelia Park Lodge kitchen to work within the existing confined restaurant space. 

A huge part of Adrian’s expertise lies in having the ability to take a holistic approach to every project.  He’s a big-picture thinker and simultaneously pays meticulous attention to the small project details. Having worked as a chef for the past 30 years, and successfully completed a variety of restaurant, cafe, and bar projects (you name it, he’s done it), he is extremely knowledgeable about the commercial kitchen industry.  

From Neal’s perspective, he was a no-brainer pick for the job.  

Together, Neal, Adrian and the Caterlink project management team fit out Amelia Park Lodge with the best commercial kitchen equipment necessary to suit such rapid development. 

In addition to a Meiko dishwasher, Rational combi oven, and a Skope refrigerator, other necessary commercial kitchen equipment used for this project included various Waldorf items. Specifically, the Waldorf fryer, stove, griddle, and a salamander. 

Projects that trust our provided expertise on the best design and most reasonable way to fit out and utilise any type of kitchen space make our job enjoyable. Per Neal’s feedback, we’re glad to know the feeling is mutual! 

“Together with Adrian, our ideas complimented the way Peter Walsh was thinking and it worked out seamlessly. We completed a really neat and functional little kitchen.  Given the various constraints that we had it all worked out extremely well.  Adrian and the Caterlink team are very knowledgeable with great service and professionalism.”