French Resistance Patisserie

French Resistance

The Irresistibly Delicious French Patisserie in Northbridge

French Resistance just recently opened its doors on Newcastle Street in Northbridge. Can you smell the aroma of their soft, freshly baked baguettes? Don’t let the name fool you: French Resistance’s pastries are irresistibly made to melt-in-your-mouth with their fluffy goodness. French for “our classic handmade produce” and Resistance for “resisting the temptation to sacrifice the artisan approach for modern methods,” this patisserie will transport you to the streets of France.

The owners of La Galette de France, nestled in the heart of Nedlands, have taken their philosophy of “tasty everything” and transported themselves into a smaller space in Northbridge with the purpose of on-the-go. Everything in French Resistance is made each morning in their production kitchen in Nedlands and transported to their new petite patisserie where they are baked fresh. If you think baguettes are supposed to be rock hard, think again. Simply order at their window for a take-away coffee and pastry and you’ll know exactly what I mean… French Resistance has that Paris something… the je ne sais quoi.

“Eric Masure, born in Paris, Moved to Australia and became a passionate artisan of French pastry, cakes and more. Eric has been baking for the past 13 years using traditional, handmade methods and creating an exceptional product that tantalize your taste buds!” ~French Resistance

Eric has had a relationship with Project Manager, Nathan Park, and Caterlink for about ten years. When the idea for opening up the patisserie came along, he knew who to call on. The design and concept was all from scratch with input from the owners and architects. The fit out for French Resistance was one of the smallest Nathan’s ever worked with, only 35m2. For this patisserie it is all about quality and since their warehouse is basically down the street they don’t need a whole lot of space.

The main piece of equipment is the Turbofan oven specifically for its even consistent cooking with some nice Festive displays and Skope storage. Eric requested for the patisserie’s equipment to be able to survive the fluctuation of temperature as there is service both inside as well as an open glass front hatch to serve straight to customers on the street. The main challenge for Nathan was fitting everything into such a small space. It’s a small venue with a big heart, and fast, quality service. You have to tell me what’s better: Pastry with your coffee or coffee with your pastry?

I’m certain you’ll find that you can’t resist the deliciousness of French Resistance Patisserie. Visit French Resistance at 271 Newcastle Street in Northbridge. They’re open Monday to Friday from 6:30-14:00 and Saturdays from 7:00-12:00. For more information, visit them on facebook: or follow them on Instagram @frenchresistancepatisserie

...Bon Appetit!