Monday’s with Mibrasa – definitely not your average Monday!

My Monday’s are normally low key, where I spend time preparing for the week ahead and laying low after the often jam packed weekend that’s just passed. But every once in a while it’s nice to shake up my routine and do something a little different.

Enter a Mibrasa inspired Backyard BBQ at Mondo’s Butchers – a no brainer way to spice up an average Monday night!

First things first, what is Mibrasa? Mibrasa is in reference to the Mibrasa charcoal oven, an oven which embraces a primal cooking method to deliver that iconic barbecue we all know and love. Of notable mention is that this oven is made to use in both outdoor/indoor settings and is handcrafted and engineered in Spain.

Yes, that’s right, SPAIN. This matters because anyone who has had the chance to spend time in Spain devouring their immpecabily grilled calamari, garlic prawns, or scallops with blood sausage, etc. (there’s really no end to this list) is aware of what this charcoal oven is capable of producing.

Admittedly, I’m actually one of those people that has had the chance to live in Spain and (over) indulge in their food. The way the food was prepared at this barbecue- to tender, crisp, and flavourful delight- embodied the key characteristics found in many local tapas dishes and reminded me of why I first fell in love with Spanish cuisine. I walked away from that love affair 8 kilos heavier and all the happier!

Coming from a big family, I’m always very aware of whether or not there’s enough food to feed a large number of people (when there isn’t enough, it’s every man for himself). The amount of food provided by Mondo Butchers- chargrilled lamb cutlets, salmon, ribeye steak, sausages, porkbelly in addition to roasted asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini, capsicum, etc.– was enough to feed an army and left me one happy camper. With a max cooking temperature of 350 degrees celcius, the turnover for producing a high quantity of food in the Mibrasa whilst maintaining quality is in your favour.

At times, words can do justice to the colors, flavours, textures and experience had by guests when it comes to food, but personally I think photos, can do that and say so much more. Have a look at these colorful shots captured from the evening and think twice about missing out on Caterlinks next event… a mistake I hope you won’t make twice if you weren’t able to enjoy this one.

The menu alone was enough to get anyone to attend, but combined with the good company of about 40 guests, backyard vibes and an unassuming jazz band, the unique atmosphere provided for the makings of a great night.

At a backyard bbq you would likely expect meats to be grilled and an assortment of drinks provided as there were, but rarely do you attend a BBQ that has jazz music!

There were moments I felt as though should have been in jazz cellar inhaling cigar smoke, but was pleasantly reminded that I was actually in a backyard, smelling delicious barbecue goodness, enjoying jazz music while I indulged in a large plate of tasty grilled meats and veggies. The rarity of this reality made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Mibrasa as a brand talks about feeding the senses. Cheers to having a Monday night of doing just that!

Interested in learning more about the Mibrasa? Click this link for more information.