Purchasing a Commercial Fridge – 3 Things You Should Know

As restaurant, bar, cafe and hospitality professionals, we know that one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your kitchen is in your commercial fridge. 

Choosing the right commercial refrigerator can be tricky. From capacity and space considerations to energy efficiency and overall costs, understanding the range of commercial refrigeration solutions before making a purchase is essential. 

At Caterlink, we’re committed to helping you make the best choice for your kitchen. Make sure you consider our top three tips - purpose, energy efficiency and warranty - before you buy your commercial fridge. 


Have you clearly defined what your commercial fridge will be for? For busy commercial kitchens and bars, you’ll probably need a number of different fridges to suit a variety of purposes. Location and size are key considerations when choosing the best fridge for you. 

From small fridges for cold drinks to walk-in refrigeration rooms for meat and ingredient storage, understanding the purposes of your commercial fridges will help you to set up your kitchen in the most economical and efficient way. 

Caterlink provides a wide range of commercial refrigerators, including cold rooms, walk-in refrigeration, under-counter fridges and many more. 

Energy Efficiency 

Reducing your overall running costs and helping you do your part for the environment, energy efficient commercial refrigerators are a must-have for modern commercial kitchens. 

Often requiring less maintenance and technical support in the long run, energy efficient appliances provide you with reliability, consistency and simple operation.   

Warranties and Additional Services 

Upfront and long term costs plus warranties and additional services can make or break the value of your commercial refrigerators. 

Commercial fridge manufacturers know that a sales relationship doesn’t end after a purchase; they need to provide ongoing support and value to stand out from the crowd. As a hospitality owner or manager, you should always go for a brand that offers warranties and additional services. 

A commercial fridge is an investment that requires maintenance and care throughout its lifetime, so choose a brand that provides ongoing support, maintenance, repair services and advice to minimise headaches and stress. 

Commercial Fridges at Caterlink 

Williams LO3UFB Undercounter Freezer 

The Williams LO3UFB Undercounter Freezer is a three-door horizontal freezer made from durable and sleek stainless steel. With a capacity of 510 litres, this is one of the most versatile and in-demand commercial refrigeration solutions on offer.

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Williams LR3SDCB Vertical Freezer 

A versatile and efficient freezer, the Williams LR3SDCB Vertical Freezer is made from white colourbond. A must-have for busy commercial kitchens, the freezer features a number of computerised systems to minimise energy waste while maximising functionality. 


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Make the Right Choice for Your Commercial Kitchen 

As your one-stop-shop for commercial kitchen and food service equipment, Caterlink stocks over 2400 products from the world’s most trusted brands. 

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