Selecting the Right Commercial Dishwasher For Your Business

After cooking in your commercial kitchen is done, and your customers have been served their meals and drinks, you need the right dishwasher to ensure your dishes, cups, glasses and utensils are cleaned properly and efficiently.

Dishwashers can be categorised as an undercounter dishwasher, glasswasher, or passthrough dishwasher. 

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best commercial dishwasher for your restaurant, café, bar or club. It can be tricky to know where to begin with so many available models and brands, each with specific functions.



If you own a bar, restaurant, or café that is regularly serving drinks, it is required that you have a suitable glasswasher to sanitize your glassware.


A glasswasher is specifically designed for the use of washing, rinsing, sanitising and drying drinking glasses. It performs washing of cups and glasses in all shapes, sizes and styles and can turnaround your glasses in as little as 60 seconds.


If drinks are a priority for your business, we recommend the Hobart EcoMax 402 Undercounter Dishwasher. 





Product Features:

  • Easy-to-use electronic controls with 2 cycles – 90 & 120 seconds
  • Re-circulating & low 2.5 litre rinse volume glasswasher
  • Electronic temperature gauges
  • Suitable for all glass, cup and light duty washing applications
  • Designed to suit racks 400x400mm, As well as 17” x 14” racks
  • Double skinned door for strength and durability
  • Polypropylene wash and stainless steel rinse arm with patented WIDE ANGLE FAN
  • nozzle to maximise wash and rinse performance
  • Wash pump inlet strainer to ensure machine reliability
  • “Connect & use”- fill and drain hoses, pump-out drain, chemical dispensers and power lead / plug included for quick and easy installation
  • Standard with 150mm stainless steel adjustable legs
  • Includes 1 x 17” x 14” rack
  • Back flow prevention device as standard to meet Watermark Approval and ATS 5200.101 

To see the full range of Caterlink’s commercial glasswashers please click here.


Undercounter Dishwasher 

If you are looking for a dishwasher that fits neatly under your countertop, but more importantly acts as a time-saving method that efficiently washes dishes, cutlery, and glasses, then we suggest you look no further than an undercounter dishwasher.  

Dishwashers provide a powerful, quick, and efficient wash. They can wash your plates, bowls, cups and glasses in as little as 60 seconds. With easy controls, they are simple to use and depending on the model selected, you can receive a dish rack, universal rack, and/or cutlery rack, which all ensure an easy cleaning process. 

Check out our Hobart FX Undercounter Dishwasher which could be a great option to suit your dishwashing needs. 






Product Features:

  • VISIOTRONIC Intelligent Control intuitive single button control. Proximity sensor to activate control. Large clear text & symbol display
  • Intelligent wash water control constantly measures wash water quality & adjusts rinse volume to ensure a hygienic rinse – as low as 2 litres per cycle
  • CLIP-IN wash & rinse arms
  • Intelligent data documentation: recording of important operational data & consumption quantities – on screen display
  • Patented wide angle FAN wash nozzles
  • Fill level indicator: monitors chemical levels
  • Fine filter GENIUS-X2: advanced filter system 35% detergent savings
  • Strainer Control PROOF: ensures reliability
  • Machine Care Program INTENSIVE for removal of scale & other deposits in the wash chamber
  • 6 automatic cycles – short, standard, X-change, starch removal, intensive machine care & permanent
  • Opt. double rack system allows for 2 racks to be washed
  • Deep drawn tank, door and rack slides for maximum hygiene
  • 240/50/1 – machine comes with single phase plug and lead
  • “Connect & use” – Includes chemical dispensers, fill & drain hoses, power cord, non-return valve, drain pump, 1 plate & 1 flat rack, plus cutlery basket
  • Back flow prevention device as standard to meet Watermark Approval and ATS 5200.101 


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Passthrough Dishwasher 

Commercial passthrough dishwashers are high volume, high efficiency machines, capable of washing up to 1,000 plates per hour. 

When selecting the best passthrough dishwasher for your kitchen, you will first need to determine if you have the space for it, in addition to extra space surrounding the machine. 

You will need a space before the dishwasher for stacking your plates, cups, glasses and utensils. You may also need a pre-rinse sink with a jet tap before the wash to keep your dishwasher free of debris. Then on the other side you will need an area for cooling and drying. 

One of the biggest advantages of a passthrough dishwasher, is that there is no door that needs to be opened into your kitchen aisle.  Instead the wash hood moves up and down and the trays just pass through.  This will mean your staff can easily get past, and it can also cut down loading time from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.  This can make a huge difference in busy times. 

If you have the space and need high volume turnaround, a passthrough dishwasher is recommended.





Product Features:

  • German made Economical Hood Type Dishwasher
  • 440mm Hood Opening
  • 2 Wash Cycle 60 and 90 second
  • Wash 60 racks per hour
  • SMARTSONIC Hood mounted electronic controls
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with drain pump and dosing equipment as standard
  • Integrated detergent and rinse aid pumps
  • Power 730Watts pump delivers total wash via upper and lower wash arms
  • Equip with INTENSIV Wash System to deliver outstanding result and reduce running cost
  • VECTOR Wide Angle Wash Jets to deliver powerful searching wash action


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