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NEW Skope TMF commercial freezers

Front-of-house display commercial freezers are not normally known for their refinement, but the SKOPE TMF ActiveCore range is cut from a different cloth.

As part of the ActiveCore family, the new TMF freezers follow the same design philosophy of the BME and TME ActiveCore fridges that redefined quality in chilled drinks displays.

However, the TMFs aren’t just the freezer equivalents of ActiveCore fridges. SKOPE has engineered them to defy expectations as well as deliver everything you’ve come to expect from ActiveCore.

SKOPE TMF ActiveCore freezers synchronise energy usage to the environment

Inverter Technology

Traditional freezers cool using a fixed-speed compressor meaning the compressor is either on or off. When the external air temperature heats up the compressor turns back on and is forced to work hard to bring the internal freezer temperature back to a safe level. This causes temperature fluctuations inside the freezer and uses a huge amount of energy unnecessarily.

TMF ActiveCore freezers use SKOPE Inverter Technology which features a variable speed compressor. This compressor smoothly tops up cold air inside the freezer so it is constantly maintained at the optimum temperature, regardless of the external environmental conditions.

Active Condensation Control

Traditional display freezers prevent condensation by consistently applying heat to the glass door. SKOPE TMF ActiveCore features Active Condensation Control which only heats the glass when required. This ensures a crystal-clear display without adding unnecessary cost to the power bill.

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