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How Can Renting Commercial Kitchen Equipment Benefit You?

There is no doubt that the option to hire kitchen equipment is the better way to even out cash flow in a business. When starting and growing a business there is always a jump in expenses and to spread this over a period of time ensures you have the daily needed cash flow.

benefits hire kitchen equipment
Warranty Coverage

We cover all manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of the active rental equipment term. On average, commercial kitchen equipment starts to break down after 3 years of usage, which may lead to costly repairs and consistent maintenance. That’s why with Rent-it-Today we cover the manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of active rental equipment.  What more reassurance and peace of mind do you need?!

100% Tax Deductible*

Rental payments are an expense item for reporting purposes. GST is also claimed in each payment. Our rental program is as simple as paying an affordable monthly rate over time versus paying a large payment to afford the equipment all at once. The process is as easy as how you would pay your monthly utilities bill.

75% Rebate*

Buy out the goods at any time with a 75% rebate of the rent paid off the finance price.

Low Weekly Payments

Free up your cash and increase cash flow which could be better used to improve your business. By renting our kitchen equipment, rather than paying a large sum of money upfront to purchase equipment, you incur an ongoing monthly expense at an affordable rate.

Easy Finance Approval

Immediate finance processing with all the rental contract documentations drawn up within one business day. It is obligation free and there’s no application fees with only minimal documentation required. All applications are assessed on a case by case basis.

Off ‘Balance Sheet’

The equipment does not appear on your balance sheet as a debt or loan. Renting does not affect the business’ capacity to borrow for future expansion. This means you can keep your cash flowing and maintain liquidity without affecting your personal borrowing.

Flexible Terms

Flexible terms (12, 24 or 36 months) and options at the end the term to keep on renting, upgrade your equipment, buy it out or simply return the unit back to us.

Latest Technology

Keep up-to-date with technology by acquiring better kitchen equipment. Research shows that most commercial kitchen equipment requires replacement after a five-year time period. RIT is the practical option that doesn’t leave you losing money by investing in a depreciating asset that could need replacement over time.

Apply Today, For A No Charge Pre-Approval!

Rent It Today

Money shouldn’t dictate your choice of quality commercial kitchen equipment and service and it doesn’t have to. By opting into our Rent It Today financing option, we help you leverage more bang for your buck and pair you with the commercial kitchen equipment you need most.