Hobart FX Undercounter Dishwasher

Hobart PROFI Series Professional 500x500Rack Insulated Undercounter Glass / Dishwasher with SENSO-Active. (15A)

RRP: $10,100.00 + GST

Caterlink Price: $6,019.00 + GST

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Product Features


Hobart Profi FX Undercounter Dishwasher

Product Features

VISIOTRONIC Intelligent Control intuitive single button control. Proximity sensor to activate control. Large clear text & symbol display
Intelligent wash water control constantly measures wash water quality & adjusts rinse volume to ensure a hygienic rinse – as low as 2 litres per cycle
CLIP-IN wash & rinse arms
Intelligent data documentation: recording of important operational data & consumption quantities – on screen display
Patented wide angle FAN wash nozzles
Fill level indicator: monitors chemical levels
Fine filter GENIUS-X2: advanced filter system 35% detergent savings
Strainer Control PROOF: ensures reliability
Machine Care Program INTENSIVE for removal of scale & other deposits in the wash chamber
6 automatic cycles – short, standard, X-change, starch removal, intensive machine care & permanent
Opt. double rack system allows for 2 racks to be washed
Deep drawn tank, door and rack slides for maximum hygiene
240/50/1 – machine comes with single phase plug and lead
“Connect & use” – Includes chemical dispensers, fill & drain hoses, power cord, non-return valve, drain pump, 1 plate & 1 flat rack, plus cutlery basket
Back flow prevention device as standard to meet Watermark Approval and ATS 5200.101

Product Details

Power: 240/50/1 ‐ 15amp
Door entry: 425 mm
Cycle length: 90/180/300 seconds
Water consumption per cycle: 2.5L
Rack size: 400 mm

Dimensions (mm)

Width: 600mm
Depth: 600mm
Height: 815mm +30mm for adjustable feet