Meiko FV250.2 Utensil and Pot Washer

Meiko FV250.2 Potwasher Fully Insulated 30 Racks P/HR 1490W X 895D X 1490H

RRP: $29,975.00 + GST

Caterlink Price: $29,256.00 + GST

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Product Features


Meiko FV250.2 Utensil and Pot Washer

Product Features

Double-walled insulation for hood
Stainless steel wash arms from above and below
Double-walled machine with additional insulation
Smooth interior walls for easy cleaning
Fully electronic programme with clear operating display and infrared interface
Self-cleaning programme
Deep-drawn wash tank near the front for easy maintenancebr /> AktivPlus - Wash water filter system
Booster pump to ensures constant rinse aid temperature and volume
Aqua-Stop system with base drip tray

Product Details

Model: FV250.2
Programme Cycles: 120/240/480 seconds
Theoretical basket capacity: 30 / 15 / 7 / h
Entry height: 890 mm
Pump motor: 2 x 2.2 kW
Tank capacity: 85 l
Final rinse: 9 l/basket
Tank Heating: 6.0kW
Electrical Connection: 3NPE 400V 50Hz
Rack Size: 1310mm x 700mm

Dimensions (mm)

Width: 1490mm
Depth: 895mm
Height: 2490mm