Robot Coupe BLIXER 4 4.5L Food Processor

Robot Coupe Blixer Series 4.5lt Texture Modifying High Speed Food Processor with Pulse Function. (10A)

RRP: $3,305.00 + GST

Caterlink Price: $3,100.00 + GST

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Product Features


Robot Coupe Blixer 4 - Combines the Features of a Cutter, Blender and Mixer

Features and Benefits

Polycarbonate lid designed to allow the addition of liquid or ingredients during processing
Scraper arm made in two parts easy to dismantle and to clean
A fine serrated blade is supplied as a standard attachment, with a cap that can be removed for cleaning
A safety device fitted to the lid prevents access to moving blades and an integral motor braking device ensures operator safety
Any parts which come into contact with food can be easily removed and cleaned
High chimney in bowl for processing large quantities of liquid ingredients
Powerful maintenence-free induction motor

Product Details

Model: Blixer 4
Power: 900 Watts
Electrical: 240V, 1ph, 10 Amp
Speed: 3000 rpm
Bowl capacity: 3.7L
Liquid capacity: 2L

Dimensions (mm)

Width: 226
Depth: 304
Height: 480