Waldorf SN8200G Salamander (LPG)

Waldorf 800 Series SN8200G - 900mm Gas Salamander

RRP: $3,407.00 + GST

Caterlink Price: $2,525.00 + GST

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Product Features


Waldorf 800 Series SN8200GL 900mm Gas Salamander - LPG Gas

Product Features

2 x 15.5 MJ/hr individually controlled infrared burners
Four position racking (flat or inclined)
Left and right individual burner controls
Standing pilot with flame failure
Monocoque construction
Suitable for bench or wall mounting
Removable base for Easy clean, installation and service
LPG gas

Product Details

Model: SN8200G
Burners: 2 x 15.5 MJ
Maximum consumption: 31.5 MJ/hr, 8750 W
Cooking area: 610 x 310 mm
Gas type: LPG

Dimensions (mm)

Width: 900
Depth: 424
Height: 456

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