4 Benefits of a Rational Combi Oven

There’s a reason why the Rational Combi Oven is considered the undisputed world number one in combi ovens: it delivers consistent results. 

A reliable, efficient and convenient oven able to prepare food in a number of different ways, Caterlink is proud to supply Rational Combi Ovens to chefs, cooks and commercial kitchens across Australia. Producing reliable and high-quality results, Rational Combi Ovens give kitchen staff peace of mind that dishes will retain their essence and desired taste throughout the entire cooking process. 

Need food roasted, baked, steamed, blanched, sous-vide, smoked or poached? The Rational Combi Oven can do it all. 

With seemingly endless benefits, including self-cleaning technology, we’ve managed to define our top four tips of why you need a Rational Combi Oven in your commercial kitchen. 

Quality Cooking with Steam 

Forget about waiting for pots to boil before you can steam - cook with the Rational Combi Oven. With advanced steam technology, you can cook without adding water for increased kitchen efficiency and faster turnaround times. 

The oven’s fresh steam generator combines cooking in water with gentle steaming to maintain colours, flavours and nutrients. Steam control features ensure that steam flows around the food constantly, stopping even the most sensitive products from drying out. With a consistent steam temperature at all times, the Rational Combi Oven guarantees the best food quality. 

Dynamic Air Mixing 

With dynamic air mixing technology, the Rational Combi Oven distributes heat with optimisation throughout the cooking cabinet. This allows heat to flow through to exactly where it’s needed. 

With flow-optimisation, food is cooked thoroughly and uniformly with an emphasis on flavour and nutrients from the first rack to the very last.

Variety of Cooking 

With a range of advanced technologies working in harmony, Rational Combi Ovens provide you with variety and versatility when it comes to cooking. 

So much more than just an oven, the Rational Combi Oven allows you to grill, bake, roast, braise, steam, stew and much more - all at the same time. You can prepare a number of dishes consecutively in one efficient and effective appliance. The Combi Oven is a true lifesaver for busy commercial kitchens. 

Flexibility and Versatility 

Providing chefs with flexibility and versatility, Rational Combi Ovens allow you to achieve temperature without overcooking or drying your food product. With smart heating technology and an assortment of cooking solutions, you can trust that your dishes will be finished to perfection. 

Avoid having dishes sit under heat for minutes on end - just finish them in the Rational Combi Oven to preserve taste and nutritional quality. 

Australia’s Trusted Commercial Kitchen Supplier 

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