Caterlink Chefs Club: C Restaurant

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about Mondays. Two months ago, it was all about a stellar Monday with Mibrasa. This month I’ll reinforce why Mondays don’t deserve such a dreaded and unappreciated reputation, especially when Chefs Club is involved!

Thanks to the exceptional five-course dinner prepared by Oliver Letrone and his team at C Restaurant, the various sponsors, talented company of 70 guests and vibrant conversation, my Monday night with Caterlink’s Chefs Club, was a social, truffle lover’s dream.

The evening was off to a good start due to the 360-degree view of Perth’s skyline from a whopping 33 floors up in St. Martins Tower in the city. C Restaurant takes 90 minutes to revolve all the way around, every viewpoint different from the last.

The striking view of the horizon and cozy restaurant interior created an ambiance that begged for relaxation and overindulgence. I devoured so much food that by the time I finished all five courses and the night was coming to a close, I actually contemplated begging someone to help roll me out of the building. Surely, I wasn’t the only guest guilty of thinking this!

The exquisite menu served and imminent food coma thereafter was hugely in part to Nannup Truffles, Great Southern Truffles, Ryan’s Meats and Latitude 34 Wines, all of whom sponsored the evening to ensure every guest walked away with a new appreciation for first-rate food and beverage. These top-quality products were paired, prepared and served to perfection.

When each sponsor stood up to speak briefly before dinner about the history of their specialty product, they invited everyone to be a part of their story. I got a bird’s eye view into the labour of love that is their brand.

The love for what they do and what they’ve created was contagious. It felt as though their passion suddenly became my passion. I could connect to the brains behind the brand, which provided me a holistic understanding of their products. Thus, tasting them was all the more enjoyable.

While food can make or break a dining experience, it is also the company with which you enjoy it that can define how you relate to the evening. I had a phenomenal evening because of the food AND the great company.

When you gather people of such diverse background all in one place - this includes chefs, bakers, vineyard owners, journalists, CEOs, managing directors, international business entrepreneurs and professionals from tourism and local government - there is always plenty to talk about.

A more memorable conversation from the evening came whilst speaking to a chef about the history of truffles (surprise, surprise).

Did you know that the truffle is actually a fungus often referred to as black gold? Black gold, given that one kilo can reach the value of up to $3,000 AUD. Pretty crazy, huh? Admittedly, the black gold reference was unknown to me too.

Truffle trivia aside, I had many notable conversations throughout the evening that left me feeling inspired and motivated to continue getting involved with such a passionate community.

And this is what Chefs Club is all about. It’s an opportunity to find and engage with like-minded people who are leaders in developing and supporting community minded initiatives. This is all accomplished while enjoying a great atmosphere and superb food and beverage.

Honestly, what’s not to like?

Photo Album from the event available here.

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