Take Ten: Wharf on the Point

We took a moment to sit down with Rao Prabhaker, owner of Wharf on the Point located on Riverside Drive in East Perth. Hailing from the southern part of India and having worked all over the world as a well-known chef and business owner, Rao has brought a multicultural international flare to the food, ambiance and overall dining experience curated at Wharf on the Point. 

Hi Rao, tell us more about Wharf on the Point!

Food is our strength. We provide a great atmosphere and delicious, economical food options to guests. The food and price are good value for the money you spend. Our menu is designed in such a way so that it’s a commonplace to attract any normal person.  Meaning, anyone and everyone are welcome!

Wharf on the Point is a family café, so naturally, we love to cater for family and friends. Given the large outdoor patio area guests are more than welcome to bring their pets – they are family too. The environment here is very warm and simple, with a laid back approach to casual dining. 

What was the venue concept and inspiration for Wharf on the Point?

I breathe in and breathe out the food business, nothing else. I’ve been working within this industry as a chef, restaurant owner, etc. for the past 36 years on and off, all around the world. From Europe, to NZ and the Middle East and now in Australia, I’ve seen a lot of incredible places and felt inspiration in each.  The phenomenal waterfront location here at Fraser Point inspired me to create Wharf on the Point. 

The moment I saw the this venue on the bank of the Swan River with this view, the first thing that came to mind, without even thinking twice, was the idea of a wharf.  A wharf refers to a structure built on land where a ship can dock to load and unload and gives the feeling of no set rules with people coming and going. I want Wharf on the Point to be very casual, rustic, and robust like the concept of a wharf. 

In addition to the venue space and location, I had a feeling that this space had great potential.  There are incredible talents in this development such as 8 On The Point and Ku De Ta to name a few. The opportunity to open Wharf on the Point surrounded establishments of such quality was one I couldn’t pass up.

For what would you like people to remember your café for and continue to return?

I want everyone who visits Wharf on the Point to walk away feeling that this is a really great place.  We are family friendly, offer good service, great food, and by the time you’re on your way out you know you’ve gotten great value for your money in both experience and service. 

Best recommended item on the menu?

Boomerang, Tassy Tasty, Hash Tag…they’re all good!

Also indulge in our Movennpick ice cream – I personally prefer the Maple Walnut flavor. We are actually the first outlet in Australia to serve this popular ice cream brand originating from Switzerland.

How was your experience working with Caterlink?

I really enjoyed working with Caterlink.  I would like to mention the entire team of course, but in particular Nathan Park. He’s an amazing guy. Not only does he positively represent Caterlink, but he does a great job representing Wharf on the Point on my behalf as well. He’s always greeting everyone in a very friendly manner and keeping flexible as the job changes. As a trained chef, he understands the need of the other guy.  Because of his knowledge in the kitchen, he gives a different approach and offers different logic and options for the fit out process.

More than anything, Nathan and team were all very fast with the entire commercial kitchen fit out process. The project had a very quick turnaround of 10 days once the project was in Caterlink’s hands.  I didn’t make many changes to the original designs created, but if I wanted to make any updates,  the team was always quick and obliged to my project requests.

Looking to dine at Wharf on the Point? Here’s some handy information for your next visit.


  306 Riverside Drive,
  East Perth, WA 6004


  08 6243 1400


  Monday-Tuesday: 7am-5pm
  Wednesday-Thursday: 7am-9pm
  Friday-Saturday: 7am- TILL LATE
  Sunday: 7am-6pm