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Greenify Your Kitchen with Convotherm

The new Convotherm maxx pro is unsurpassed efficiency in terms of energy and water consumption – including an improvement in energy efficiency of up to another 10% as compared to the predecessor model, which already set new standards. What’s more, the wastewater is not harmful to the environment since the cleaning fluid is biodegradable.


The Natural Smart Climate™ in the Convotherm maxx pro ensures the respective optimal degree of moisture in every product with no complicated regulation and control – completely naturally. The ACS+  closed system retains the ideal amount of heat and moisture, ensuring there is always a perfect level of steam saturation and that the temperature rises more quickly and less power and water need to be added. Automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam cooking and fast, even heat transfer with hot air ensure the best results even when fully loaded.


Well thought out simplicity as a design principle.

Convotherm maxx pro is a champion in the professional league – an unrivaled service-friendly design that’s more energy-efficient and simple to operate.

convotherm combi oven
Multiple variations

Available in 6.10, 10.10, 6.20, and 10.20. In all common configurations, such as electric or gas and boiler or spritzer.

Convotherm maxx pro touch screen
Glass touch display

10-inch TFT HiRes screen with all EasyDial models. Its scroll function and pictograms make operation as easy as using a smartphone.

convotherm Disappearing Door
Disappearing Door Option

Creates more space and operating safety.

triple glass feature convotherm
LED lights and triple glass

For superb visibility inside the cavity, and improved energy savings.

touch screen oven
Press&Go Technology

Automatic cooking and baking quick access buttons.

Natural Smart Climate

Perfect oven cavity climate thanks to the ACS+ closed system.

smart tech oven
Reliability and durability

Advanced technology, including AI – powered automation and German engineering.

Project Management

Convotherm maxx pro ensures that the best cooking and baking results are not a coincidence.

convotherm handle
Redesigned door handle

Two–stage door handle, Anti slam function and HygieniCare with silver ions embedded.

Convotherm maxx pro
ConvoSmoke (optional)

You can not only cold smoke, but also cold smoke in all three cooking modes.

The best choice you can make

The hospitality industry is going through unprecedented change and turbulence. The only thing that’s certain today is that nothing is certain anymore. As a result, businesses have become more complex than ever before.

It is no longer only about making the right menu choices, having the right presentation, and providing the right quality and staff issues. It is also about ensuring customers’ safety and meeting health regulation standards and other regulatory requirements. Are you going to keep the same business concepts? How do you manage fixed costs and variable costs?

Convotherm wants to make your life easier with the right products, and right solutions that integrate easily into your business processes. Convotherm ovens take care of the cooking so you can take care of everything else!

Convotherm maxx pro training videos

maxx pro overview

Intelligent Simplicity – how to lower running cost for maximal results.

ConvoSmoke function

Banqueting with ConvoServe

Intelligent Cooking


Combines advanced technology and a number of functions that ensure that every type of food is cooked in the optimum cooking climate. This means the best performance at the most energy-efficient cost. Convotherm climate management consists of the Natural Smart Climate with a unique closed cooking system ACS+. As the cooking chamber is totally sealed, every type of food absorbs the ideal amount of moisture, regardless of whether it’s frozen, fresh, or precooked. The closed system also means that no energy is wasted! 

Convotherm Quality Management

Ensures that the best cooking and baking results are not a coincidence. And that whatever it is you are cooking, you get the top results, exactly as you want them. A new feature in quality management is hot smoke. Now, with the Convotherm maxx pro, you can not only cold smoke, but also cold smoke in all three cooking modes. 

Convotherm Cleaning Management

Provides unique assistance so that you can achieve total reliability when it comes to cleaning. Convotherm maxx pro combi ovens come with 4 cleaning settings and 3 leaning modes. ConvoClean ensures maximal safety as well because there is no contact with chemical when starting the cleaning process. Moreover, the cleaning liquids are environmentally friendly.

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All In One Combi Oven Package Promo!

  • CXEBT 10.10D Convotherm Maxx Pro 11×1/1GN Tray Electric Boiler Combination Oven with EasyTouch Controls and Disappearing Door. (3P) RRP $35,918 + GST
  • CSK100 Combi Stand. RRP $1610 + GST
  • PK511 Pan Kit. RRP $1610 + GST
  • CC25L Convotherm ConvoClean 1 x 25L Drum Oven Cleaner. RRP $325 + GST
  • CCCARE10L Convotherm CONVOCare 1 x 10L Neutraliser. RRP $160 + GST
  • QuadRO-H204H Reverse Osmosis System. RRP $2415 + GST
  • Two Hours Dedicated Operational Training by Qualified Moffat Chef. RRP $200 + GST
  • August – October 2022 ONLY. While stock lasts. 
  • PROMO PRICE $29,990.00+GST
Convotherm PROMO - CXEBT10.10 Combi Oven Promo Package

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