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Caterlink brings 40+ years of industry expertise and future-focused innovation to hospitality & commercial kitchens of every size!


We understand the importance of a well-designed and efficient kitchen in the hospitality industry. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to create a customised commercial kitchen design that meets your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are starting a new restaurant or looking to upgrade your existing kitchen, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results. Trust us to provide you with the best services and equipment for your commercial kitchen needs.

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Free Consultation

Discuss your concept with us and together we can identify your equipment needs and service requirements. You have a vision.

We have the product and services to bring your project to life!

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Kitchen Design

Dreaming of your kitchen? Whether you require us to conceptualise what you need from the early stages onward, have plans in the pipeline but need questions answered, or require our expertise to review existing kitchen designs, we’re available to lend you a hand.
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Project Management

Our beginning-to-end project capability provides a seamless professional kitchen build process, incorporating design, equipment specification and sourcing, full-service drawing, project coordination and installation.
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Equipment Supply

Caterlink’s online commercial kitchen equipment shop offers a wide selection of commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment, with further access to specialist and custom-built equipment available to project clients.

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Commercial Kitchen Fitout

We can co-ordinate any size commercial kitchen fit-out, custom built refrigeration systems, cool room and freezer rooms with the benefit of dedicated supply chain and logistics systems.

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3D Rendering Drafting Service

We offer a 3D rendering drafting service that provides high-quality 3D visualization of commercial kitchens, bars or cool rooms. We use Revit software to create photorealistic 3D images and animations of the design concept.
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Delivery & Installation

When you purchase your commercial kitchen equipment, you want the option for further assistance. Equipment delivery, in-store pickup at our Perth warehouse, and installation are all available at your request!

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Training & Commissioning

We’ll organise, by request, a qualified trainer from either our own team of corporate chefs or manufacturer representatives to visit and train your team on the commercial equipment operation, commission and maintenance.

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Funding Solutions

Rent-it-Today (RIT) is Caterlink’s in-house commercial kitchen equipment finance solution for hospitality industries of all sizes. By renting our commercial kitchen equipment, you avoid paying a large sum of money upfront to purchase equipment.

In the whole process, we have developed a great partnership with Caterlink.
We appreciated the early design advice, their attention to details, creativity, and professionalism in bringing our new kitchen at SMTAFE to life.

Michael Burgess / Training Manager at South Regional TAFE

Discover our projects

Our commercial kitchen fit-out projects showcase our expertise and attention to detail in creating beautiful and functional kitchen spaces. We have successfully completed numerous projects, each tailored to the unique needs and preferences of our clients. With a team of skilled commercial kitchen designers, craftsmen, and project managers, we ensure that every aspect of the fit-out is carefully planned and executed to perfection. From selecting the finest materials to installing top-of-the-line commercial kitchen equipment, our projects are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Explore our portfolio to discover the stunning results of our work.

Australia's first carbon neutral commercial kitchen supplier

Greenify your kitchen with Caterlink

Caterlink is Australia’s first Climate Active carbon neutral certified accredited commercial kitchen supplier, contractor and designer. This certification is the culmination of our passion for supplying and developing products and services that substantially minimise the environmental impact of the hospitality sector.

We are always happy to provide information and advice on the best choices for sustainable and greener commercial kitchens tailored to client needs.

Don’t have the upfront cash?

Rent commercial kitchen equipment with Caterlinks Rent-it-Today (RIT) in-house funding solution for hospitality industries of all sizes. Start cooking today. Whether you are a small start-up café or a five-star hotel, our RIT solution can help your business acquire the kitchen equipment you need most.

By renting our kitchen equipment, rather than paying a large sum of money upfront to purchase equipment, you incur an on-going monthly expense at an affordable rate.

Read more Our RIT solution provides a smart alternative to those businesses looking for financial flexibility in addition to an opportunity to try various equipment for your commercial kitchen as your business grows, without worrying about commitment to a long-term contract.
Caterlink rit home page
Caterlink Rit Home Page
Commercial kitchen equipment supply
Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supply

Commercial kitchen equipment supply

Looking to set up a new restaurant, open up a new branch, or just revamp all of the equipment in your commercial kitchen?

Rather than running around here and there just to find what you require, Caterlink gives you everything under one roof at a very affordable price. Whether you want cooking equipment including stoves and ovens or wish to purchase ice machines and commercial refrigerators for beverages and juicing, we’ve got it all.

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