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Project Management

With over 40 years of industry expertise under our belt, we are more than equipped to handle your project requests, regardless of the project size and project location. Our teams in both Perth and Melbourne specialise in, but are not limited to the following.

  • Procurement Management
  • Construction program sequencing and critical milestones
  • Technical and manufactured shop drawing approval and submission process
  • MEP and service drawing facilitation
  • Compliance - Australian standards, health code
  • Stainless Steel fabrication detail and process
  • Mechanical (exhaust hood) standards - AS1668.2-2012
  • Equipment specific installation and connection requirements - protect your investment, install it correctly, don't void your warranty!
  • Trade co-ordination - plumbing, gas, electrical, refrigeration, mechanical, installation
  • Completion requirements - testing, commissioning, training, manual submission

Site Visits

A site visit is our team doing due diligence on your behalf – when we get a lay of the land and are involved in your project from day dot, we are better able to identify any hiccups and foresee issues that might roadblock your project success. Access issues, service requirement mishaps, construction and architectural inconsistencies, you name the roadblock, we’ve seen it. Easy solve; do yourself a favour and request a site visit!

Kitchen Planning

Dreaming of your kitchen and need our help? Whether you require us to conceptualise what you need from the early stages onward, have plans in the pipeline but need questions answered, or require our expertise to review existing designs, we’re available to lend you a hand. Throw our Project Management expertise into the mix to compliment the kitchen planning you need, and you’ve got a sure-fire success story on your hands.

Delivery & Installation

You asked and we delivered (pun intended). When you purchase your kitchen equipment you want the option for further assistance. Equipment delivery, in-store pickup at our Perth warehouse and installation are all available at your request!

Training & Commissioning

Looking to get up and going with your complex commercial kitchen equipment? Let us help you. We'll organise your request with qualified personnel from either our own team of corporate chefs or manufacturer representatives to visit and train your team on equipment operation, commission, and maintenance.