Eswood ES160 Rack-Conveyor Dishwasher

Eswood ES160 Rack-Conveyor Dishwasher

RRP: $31,098.00 + GST

Caterlink Price: $24,499.00 + GST

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Product Features


Eswood ES160 Rack-Conveyor Dishwasher

Product Features

Single speed conveyor 110 to 175 racks per hour
Top mounted controls and electrical control gear, away from water splash, easy access for servicing
Machine operation inter-locked to rinse temperature
Automatic fill
Fully panelled front and sides (avoiding water splash to motors etc. when dish wash area is being cleaned)
Door safety switches
Clutch controlled conveyor (providing protection to drive mechanism if racks jam in machine)
Low water protection (to wash tank elements)
Integral rinse booster heater 12kW
Wash and rinse elements fitted with individual thermostats
Dual filter system
Rinse economiser (pre-set to provide precise volume of rinse water irrespective of fluctuation in water supply pressure)

Product Details

Model: ES160
Capacity: Up to 175 racks per hour
Conveyor Speed: 110 to 175 racks per hour
Electrical Connection: 415V/50Hz/3P + N
Water Consumption: 400L per hour maximum
Water Supply: 60°C / 2-4 bar

Dimensions (mm)

Width: 1850mm
Depth: 730mm
Height: 1770mm