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So, how do I know what I should be looking for?

Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards

When looking for energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration, it’s important to know about Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS).

GEMS regulates energy efficiency and environmental performance in commercial settings. Products that are GEMS compliant reach a high standard of efficiency, giving you peace of mind with your purchase. To make things easy, the full SKOPE range is fully GEMS compliant.

When you’re looking at GEMS, what’s important is:

Pack Temperature indicates the type of product the refrigerator is designed to hold – look for M1 for food, dairy or other perishables for fridges and L1 for freezers.  A product that is M2 (or L2) in a freezer is unlikely to be practical for either food or beverages.

Climate Class indicates the environments refrigerators are designed to operate. If you are looking for storage refrigeration in a commercial kitchen we would recommend Climate Class 5 (40oC & 40% Relative Humidity), because kitchens regularly get above 30oC (Climate Class 4). Glass-door fridges can only be GEMS rated to Climate Class 3 (25°C / 60% humidity); even though SKOPE products can still merchandise cold products at 40oC.

Then, once you’ve figured out your requirements, find the models with the lowest Total Energy Consumption (TEC). With this figure you can work out the estimated annual energy cost by multiplying the TEC figure by 365 (days in a year) and the cost per kW of energy (ie. 0.30c).


The refrigerant type matters too…

When it comes to looking for environmentally friendly refrigeration, another thing to look at is the type of refrigerant gas the model uses. You should be looking out for Hydrocarbons like R290, a natural refrigerant with virtually zero impact on global warming

Why Hydrocarbon?

We specifically chose to use Hydrocarbon, or R290 as it is sometimes known, because it offers a number of excellent qualities. These include:

  • No toxicity
  • No ozone-depleting potential
  • Virtually zero impact on global warming

In fact, when it comes to its global warming potential, Hydrocarbon is an obvious choice.

Most of the SKOPE product range has now made the move to R290 natural refrigerant – just look out for the icon.

Some of SKOPE’s most environmentally friendly and energy efficient models are:

In summary, while we’re facing an energy crisis and the effects of climate change, there is plenty that you can do simply by being more informed with your choice of commercial refrigeration – and make an impact on at least half of your power bill!

SKOPE ActiveCore Range

One of SKOPE’s most energy-efficient models is ActiveCore display fridge and freezer range with a GEMS 9-Star Energy Rating (out of 10!).

  • R290 natural refrigerant technology with virtually zero impact on the environment.
  • The free SKOPE-connect app helps to minimise power costs by offering key insights into your fridge’s energy consumption.
  • Not only does the ActiveCore range reduce your power bills, there is no compromise on performance and it is also built to last with a minimum lifespan of 15 years.
Skope BME1200N-A-B 1079Lt Vertical Chiller.

Skope Active Core Commercial Fridges and Freezers

Skope Active Core TME1000


Skope ActiveCore Chiller | TME1000N-A

• Pack more in and drive impulse sales with superior display space

• Reduce display fridge repair costs and business downtime with the ActiveCore interchangeable refrigeration system for safe, streamlined servicing superior display space

• Reduce power bills and boost your environmental credentials with market leading natural refrigerant technology

• Significantly reduced noise for a quieter working environment

• Designed and tested for hot commercial environments of up to 40º


Energy Stats

Climate class 3

Temp class M1

TEC (kWh/24h) 3.39

Cost p/a (at $0.30/kWh) $415


Skope  $415p/a

Brand B $565 p/a

BME1200 Skope Active Core fridge


Skope ActiveCore Chiller | BME1200N-A

• Significantly reduce your refrigeration power bills and save money with ultraenergy efficient ActiveCore technology

• These spacious fridges are cooler, quieter, and built to last for busy food service and commercial kitchens

• Minimise waste and maximise ROI with the SKOPE-Connect commercial fridge management app built into every fridge

• Save time restocking with 80 product facings

• Designed and tested for hot commercial environments of up to 40º


Energy Stats

Climate class 3

Temp class M1

TEC (kWh/24h) 3.37

Cost p/a (at $0.30/kWh) $369


Skope  $369 p/a

Brand B $426 p/a

Skope Active Core TMF1000 Freezer









Skope ActiveCore Freezer | TMF1000N-A

• Expertly designed natural refrigerant technology ensures minimised carbon footprint

• Control the fan, lights and temperature right from your smartphone with the SKOPE-connect app

•  The TMF range is heavy duty from start to finish and at no extra cost

• ActiveCore sets the standard in interchangeable modular cartridge technology

• Engineered to defy expectations as well as deliver everything you’ve come to expect from ActiveCore


Energy Stats

Climate class 3

Temp class L1

TEC (kWh/24h) 16.17

Cost p/a (at $0.30/kWh) $1,772


Skope  $1,772 p/a

Brand B $2,356 p/a


Skope EziCore Fridge | TCE1000

•A great entry-level display fridge

•Now with R290 Hydrocarbon natural refrigerant technology for even lower bills and virtually zero impact on the environment

•Affordable strength and reliability

•Easily removable cartridge makes servicing easy and minimises downtime

•Customise with your graphics on the lit sign panel

Energy Stats

Climate class 3

Temp class M1

TEC (kWh/24h) 4.51

Cost p/a (at $0.30/kWh) $494


Skope  $494 p/a

Brand B $809 p/a

Skope TCE1000 chiller